Jacques Samain
PhD candidate -- Software Engineer

About Me

I am currently an industrial PhD student in Computer Science, under joint supervision of Dr. Giovanna Carofiglio(Cisco Systems) and Prof. Dario Rossi(Télécom ParisTech). More specifically I work at Cisco's Paris Innovation and Research Lab (PIRL), and Télécom ParisTech Network and Computer Science Department (INFRES). My research focuses on enhancing video delivery over ICN (Information Centric Networking).

I completed my master degree in 2015 through a double degree program in Computer Science between École Polytechnique (France) and the Imperial College of London, specializing in computer networks. My Master thesis was about detecting network events at line rate using T-entropy.

Full CV can be found here.


Samain, J., Carofiglio, G., Muscariello, L., Papalini, M., Sardara, M., Tortelli, M., & Rossi, D. (2017). Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming: Towards a systematic comparison of ICN and TCP/IP. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.[PDF]

Samain, J., Augé, J., Carofiglio, G., Muscariello, L., Papalini, M., & Sardara, M. (2017, August). Enhancing Mobile Video Delivery over an Heterogeneous Network Access with Information-Centric Networking. In Proceedings of the SIGCOMM Posters and Demos (pp. 22-24). ACM.[PDF]